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Catchment and other organisations
We have a number of arrangemnts, working partnerships and links with other organisations accross Australia. 
Dawson Catchment Coordinating Association
"Targeting Sustainability through Community Participation, Coordination and Integration"
The Dawson Catchment is located in east-central Queensland and covers an area of approximately 50,800 square kilometres.
This large subtropical catchment is part of eastern Australia's Brigalow Belt South bioregion and is part of one of the largest river basins, the Fitzroy basin, flowing eastward towards the Coral Sea.
'The Dawson River Catchment will continue to be a place where the whole community values and enjoys a healthy environment, and a diverse range of sustainable economic values.'
Financial and technical support is currently aimed at projects in priority neighbourhood catchments. To find out more about the Neighbourhood Catchments incentive scheme, or to see if you are in a priority neighbourhood catchment, contact Andrea Beard 0458448669.
Fitzroy Basin Association
The Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) is regional community based organisation that exists to facilitate sustainable development in Central Queensland.  It is one of 14 regional bodies in Queensland and 55 Australia wide
Regional natural resource management grew out of the Landcare and Catchment Management movement and now sees groups like the Fitzroy Basin Association and our partners providing support to improve land condition, water quality and biodiversity across the region for a sustainable social, economic and environmental future.
Five sub regions encompassing over a dozen river catchments make up the Fitzroy Basin region, with field officers and sub-regional groups supporting communities across all of them.
The Fitzroy Basin - Heart of Queensland >> watch video
Central Queensland Landcare Groups
An informal collection of Landcare Groups operating in the Fitzroy-Central Queensland Region:
Catchment Action Groups
Established in the late 1990's and operating with various levels of activity these are sub-groups of Taroom Shire Landcare:
  • Upper Juandah Catchment Action Group
  • Woleebee Catchment Action Group
  • plus others
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