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Dung Beetles
General Information & Fact Sheets
  • We sell and lend the identification book, Common dung beetles of pastures of South-eastern Australia >> purchase online
  • Controlling buffalo fly on intensive beef and dairy properties (MLA) >> download pdf 
  • Controlling buffalo fly on extensive beef properties (MLA, 2005) >> download pdf
  • Education resources available from 'the clean team' >> visit
  • Dung Beetle Survey of South East Queensland 1999 (Taroom Shire Landcare Group, 2000). Exotic Dung Beetle released from 1965 onwards, 30 species are known to be established, and it is believed that only one species Euonoiticellus intermedius has reached its climatic and geographic limits. >> read more
  • The cattle Parasite Atlas, a regional guide to cattle parasite control in Australia  >> read more 1MB pdf, 54 pages
  • The pasture growth and environmental benefits of dung beetles to the southern Australian cattle industry by MLA >> read more
  • Dung beetles make their mark - Dung beetles established in south-eastern Australia and Tasmania are beginning to have a measurable impact on bush fly numbers >> read more
Monitoring Traps
details comming soon...
Identification Services
Clean captured beetle(s) by rinsing in a bucket of water. 
  1. If postage is requed - freeze in a small container overnight.
  2. Remove specimen and place on a paper towel / newspaper to dry for a several days.
  3. Loosley wrap in paper towel / newspaper and post in a non crush container (matchbox or small box).
  4. Post to Taroom Shire Landcare, PO Box 255, WANDOAN 4419.  Please include:
- your contact details (post/phone/email),
- where it was collected from (property name &/or GPS point)
- details on how it was aquired (eg. pitfall trap using cattle dung).
If we are unable to identify it we will send it on to someone who can. 
If you would like to have a go at identifying them yourself contact the office for a loan of the the Dung Beetle Resouce Kit.  The kit contains:
  • pit fall trap (also available for purchase, or make it yourself)
  • identification information
  • identification book (also available for purchase at around $30)
  • magnifying glass
  • Pinning / display equpment.
For detailed suveys we also have dissecting microscopes and professional entomological supplies.
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