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DCCA Incentive Scheme
There is currently funding available for Juandah Creek Catchment.  This round has started and if interested, a property visit is arranged, so I can assist with the completion of the application form and take photos of the project area.  This funding is available throughout the year with several assessment days to approve and access projects.  Now remember it is my job to help complete the paper work, including the mapping, and I don’t expect you to do it alone.  If interested in some more information please feel free to contact me.
Fundable Activities:
Property Plans Software
Activities usually involve installing fences and/or off-stream water points that allow management of stock access. Priority given to any natural wetlands.
Grazing land management projects usually involve fencing to land type and alternate watering points in order to separate areas of different pasture production capabilities requiring different management to mitigate selective grazing problems. Groundcover.
Cropping land management
Cropping activities usually involve support for planning and machinery modification to adopt improved practices that results in the retention of groundcover through the adoption and improvement of minimum and zero tillage (ZT), controlled traffic farming (CTF) and opportunity cropping. 
Strategic weed control
Any approved projects have to be completed in full within 1 year of projects been approvedPayments are made on completion of project, not on purchase of material.  Payments can be made in stages, if the project has two different phases (eg fencing, water points); one stage can be paid in advanced, with appropriate documentation.
If you are interested in a project please contact Andrea Beard. 
Andrea Beard
DCCA Upper Dawson Project Officer
“Bimbadeen” Taroom 4420
PH 4627 3859
MOB 0458448669