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Mining and Development
in the Upper Dawson
Interactive and downloadable maps of the mining leases, proposed pipelines and property boundaries (DCDB) available through the Interactive Resource Tenure Maps portal. >> visit IRTM
Information for Landholders:
  • Land Access Working Group (established by Mines and Energy Minister).  Fact Sheets published:
- Petroleum and gas exploration laws explained >> download
- Petroleum and gas exploration a guide for owners & occupiers >> download 
- Petroleum survey and pipeline licences >> download
- Mineral exploration laws explained >> download 
- Code of conduct for exploration - procedures for sound landowner/explorer relations >> download
  • Weed hygiene declaration form - transport and movement of vehicles section may be useful. >> read more
  • Vehicle wash down
- Washdown (cleandown) prcedures (QDPI) >> read more
- Checklist for procedures >> read more
  • Visitor / Consultant Log
Projects and critical dates
Activities of other organisations:
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Relevant Links
  • Department of Infrastructure and Planning
  • JJJ radio Hack feature. Boom Shadow: surviving beside the mining industry (Western Australia). >>Read more