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Soil Conservation
Unfortunately we are no longer able to source funding for members to implmenet soil conservation works eg. contour banks.
During 2010 we encourage those interested to register their contour bank markout needs and we will coordinate the services of an external consultant.  Indicative costs for these services are around $700 / day, marking out at least 5km of contours / day, depending on travel betwen sites. >> See SWIFT NRM consultant & >>Soil Conservation services brochure
To register your interest fill out the details at the bottom of this page and submit your request.  We can then keep you up to date.
Soils of the Taroom Shire
Land Resource maps and reports available for download (free, requires registration) from Queensland Digital Exploration Reports (QDEX). >>Guest user link , Collection = all documents, Search for 'Wandoan'. 
  • Report # 42291 Land management Field Manual - Wandoan (includes Taroom district)
  • the site also finds digital exploration, lease and geological reconnaissance reports.
For those who have mapping software many layers can be downloaded from Information Queensland.  Check metadata for projections (Phoenix can only display data in one projection at a time) and other details.  Most layers can be downloaded for free (under 400mb).
>>Queensland Government Information Service (QGIS) data download service.  The link to QGIS is an interactive search tool.  Data for download includes
  • Strategic cropping - draft trigger map
  • Land Resource Areas
  • Soils
  • Vegetation
  • Geology
  • Grazing Land Mangagement
Australian Soil Resource Information system (ASRIS) provides access to >> online mapping tool (accept disclaimer).  Zoom in to region / property and click on relevant layers.
Includes access to APSRU reference sites through Google Earth >> visit here
To be updated:
Soil sampling
Soil bioremediation
Using biology to improve carbon, nutriens and water in our soils.  Follow the links to find more information
All photographs (c) RM Blackley
Other projects in the Fitzroy
Publications and Presentations by Taroom Shire Landcare (RM Blackley)
  • Strategies for improving soil health and organic matter
  • Soil biological improvement with compost teas
  • Introduction to Soil Food webs
  • Soil biology and functions of a western downs farming system and management implications (Masters thesis)
  • Manipulating soil biology to benefit primary production (literary review)
These activities supported by members of the Taroom Shire Landcare Group Inc. 
Prior to 2007 activiites supported by Australian Government - Natural Resource Innovation Grant, National Landcare Program, Fitzroy Basin Association - Innovations Program.
External Links
Please make up your own mind if they are useful.
  • Meters for modern farmers - David von Pein (Toowoomba)
  • Australian Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme>>doc
  • Amazing Carbon - contains many publications by Dr Christine Jones
Sources of biological farming suplies.  These are commercial companies please read product statements and MSDS before making any decisions.
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